Newline Daily is an internet news entity that works towards the achievement of the simplest mission which is “keep the news simple and understandable”. We cater news for the general public which is why use of accurate data and simple yet professional language is observable for the content.

Why we started Newline Daily?

As journalists from various news channels we believe that the primary goal for any news agency is to bring forth current & accurate news information that actually holds the power to change the course of events. However, the journalist standards as seen today were revenue based with responsibilities distorted when it comes to authentic news reporting. This is why Newline Daily was conceptualized to bring back the past ethical and journalistic standards to the main frame digital news reporting scenario.

How was Newline Daily Formed?

Even after the idea was conceptualized by the CEO of Newline Daily, the news agency required a strong team with some specialized skills to take the website through the standards set by the idea bloomer. The progress was slow but writers and journalists from various parts of the world joined hands together with Newline Daily and brought forth what you see today standing tall as the epitome of authentic journalism.

Our Goal

Our goal is to maintain the name “Newline Daily” and all its content as the illustrator of news pieces at its best. From breaking news to space invasions, we aim to cover it all.