Benefits of Spiral Duct Work

Ducted heating and cooling devices are equipped in roughly 90 percent of new American households. Many of those systems likely use rectangular ducts, which are clearly audible and ineffective. However, advanced spiral and oval ducts are on the upsurge for good reason. Here are four substantial advantages of spiral ducts.

1. Spiral ductwork is extremely quiet

Air has to move around sharp edges, turning vanes, and dampers when it needs to travel through square and rectangular ducts. This lessens airflow, and ended up causing the ductwork to wobble, culminating in lots of noise that can be obnoxious—and unneeded.

Spiral and oval ducts, on the other hand, alleviate the issues as they have smooth edges. As a direct consequence, your HVAC system will be quieter and more cost effective.

2. Spiral ductwork is more efficient and cost-effective

Rectangular ductwork has a severe issue with air leakage at the sidewalls. In fact, due to leakage, gaps, and structurally weak ducts, 20-30% of the air moving through a traditional duct system is lost. This indicates too little air is dispersed throughout the facility, and it costs you more to run your system.

Spiral ductwork helps address this problem. It has fewer opportunities where leaks can take place, and its round design equalizes inner air pressure. This results in faster, smoother airflow—and a lower energy bill.

3. Spiral ductwork is cheaper and easier to install

Rectangular ductwork is costly and difficult to work with. It often necessitates an entire team to implement.

On the other hand, spiral ductwork is lighter, necessitates few tools to install, and can be constructed by one or two people. This makes the total process of buying and working with spiral and oval ductwork far more cost-efficient. In some instances, you could perhaps save as much as 50% over what you would pay for rectangular air ducts.

4. Spiral ductwork looks a lot better

Whether you’re using standard or oval-shaped spiral ductwork, its aesthetic is dramatically more attractive than that of rectangular air ducts. With its smooth surfaces, round shape, and all-but seamless design, it’s an utter and total must for building structures where the ductwork is exposed.

And now you have it—four essential advantages of spiral ducts. For these factors and far more, spiral and oval ducts are the greatest single solution for your HVAC system.