Charting a Path Forward for Children and Adult Children With Special Needs

Amidst the rich and diverse landscape of American society, a significant segment—over 42 million people—faces the daily challenges and experiences of living with disabilities. This group represents a wide array of conditions, ranging from developmental disorders like autism and ADHD to various physical impairments and enduring health issues.

Establishing Financial Security for Tomorrow

Central to special needs planning is creating a foundation of financial stability. Vital government programs like Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Medicaid play a significant role in providing support. Yet, ensuring the complete financial well- being of your child often necessitates exploring further options such as special needs trusts and life insurance policies. Partnering with experts in special needs planning, our firm guides families through integrating these essential financial tools into a comprehensive plan. This approach not only maintains access to crucial government support but also safeguards your child’s eligibility for such programs.

Building a Supportive Network

Beyond financial planning, establishing a network of care is imperative. This network might include choosing a guardian for making critical medical and life decisions, appointing a reliable trustee for any special needs trust, and crucially, involving your child in these decisions to ensure they feel secure and supported.

Moreover, arranging care responsibilities—whether through family, personal care assistants, or community-based living arrangements—creates a balanced life for your child. Each care option presents its own set of advantages and considerations. Our role is to help families navigate these choices, empowering their child with both the independence they desire and the support they need.

Leveraging Technology and Community Engagement

The rise of assistive technology has revolutionized independence and engagement for those with special needs, offering tools for home automation, medical monitoring, and more. Likewise, participation in day programs and community activities can foster social skills, personal development, and a sense of community belonging.

Drafting a Letter of Intent

An essential component of planning is the drafting of a Letter of Intent (LOI). This document serves as a detailed blueprint of the child’s life, capturing their routines, aspirations, and the standards of care desired by the parents. It acts as an invaluable guide for future caregivers, ensuring the continuity of care and lifestyle preferences in the parents’ absence.

Charting the Path Forward

Advising on the future for a child with special needs is a profound responsibility, blending financial, personal, and emotional considerations into a cohesive strategy. Our firm specializes in collaborating with legal experts and community resources to develop a plan that not only addresses immediate needs but also ensures a prosperous, independent future for your child.

In this journey, the most potent asset is a strategic vision for your child’s capabilities and future. Through careful planning and dedicated support, every child with special needs has the potential to flourish, making their unique mark on the world. At Maxiam Capital, we’re committed to turning this vision into a reality, providing families with the guidance and resources necessary for their child’s success and well-being.


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