Content Marketing Hacks for Law Firms

Has it always been a struggle to market your law firm? Or is it difficult to generate results from your marketing efforts?

Marketing your law firm is essential if at all you want to grow and succeed. It is important to understand that it is a process, and each step taken, or decision made greatly affects the outcome. At times the results may not be easy to achieve within a short time as you would desire, but here are some hacks that can help fast track your marketing results.

Take Part In Pro Bono Works

This may seem like donkey work, but it is one of the easiest ways through which you can make your practice known. By volunteering to help clients at no cost, you open the doors to meeting more people and establishing valuable connections. The good thing is you will never miss someone or a group of people that need legal help but cannot afford an attorney, so it’s a marketing hack that will always be available.

Include The Bizarre Questions From Your Clients On Your FAQ

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, do not ignore even the dumbest of questions asked by your clients. You can always include the question on your FAQ section so that other clients that may have the same question but lack the courage to ask can find answers there. Additionally, the more questions answered, the more the value offered by your site to users, and that’s an important factor considered by search engines when ranking sites.

Advertise on Social Media

More people are adopting the use of social media, which makes social media a great platform to find new clients. As a law firm, you should have an active profile on at least one or to social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. It is important to note that having your presence on all social media platforms may not be worth it, as platforms like Instagram may not have people looking for legal services. Choose the most appropriate platform to be on and focus your energy on promoting your practice there.
It is also important to note that you can utilize the paid advertisement options offered by platforms like Facebook to boost your lead generation campaign.

Share Educational Content

Companies appreciate it when companies not only focus on promoting products to them but also offer things that can add value to their lives. As a law firm, you can create short videos or blogs explaining some basic knowledge about legal processes. By offering them information that can add value to their lives, the prospective clients will develop trust in you and will be more willing to work with you.

Collect Reviews

Having positive reviews about your services will stimulate higher marketing results. However, not all your clients will remember to leave you a review, and that’s why it is advised that you often remind clients to leave a review every time you serve them. To make it more effective, ensure that you display some of the reviews from your clients on your website so that new visitors can easily find them.