Google Third Overall In Voice Search Study

Google currently sits in 3rd place and at less than 10% of total voice searches performed.

A new report has unveiled Google to be in a not so familiar position – third place overall when it comes to voice searches performed as compared to the competition. Apple and Microsoft are one and two and hold a significant edge which probably isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Industry research specialist, FutureSource, released their latest marketing study on the growth of voice search platform usage over the past few years and what the outlook is for 2020.

“Growth presently continues unabated, as virtual assistants become a common feature across the Consumer Electronics and Automotive sectors. Indeed, 2020 will be the year when shipments of voice-enabled products overtake those with no voice capability.”

Per the study, Apple’s Siri was the leader at 35% of total voice searches while Microsoft came in second at 22% overall.

Apple and Microsoft have an advantage over other options in that they are able to bundle their voice search assistants with all of their products. Apple has a huge market share based mainly on their ability to include Siri on each and every phone, tablet and smart watch.Microsoft can do the same by bundling their assistant, Cortana,  with every Windows 10 PC that is sold worldwide.

Google Assistant does come pre-installed on certain Google Home products, Chrome and Android devices but they do not have nearly the built in user base that Microsoft or Apple have.

Google will need to adapt and adapt soon if they don’t want to continue lagging behind the industry leaders. Another competitor to keep an eye on is Amazon, who is only at 4% as of now but growing rapidly with each Alexa enabled device.