Local SEO Best Practices for Tax Preparers

SEO for Tax Prep Offices Is A Must Nowadays

Given the tremendous demand for income tax preparation services, the tax niche is exceptionally competitive. Since it is unlikely that this will change, as an income tax prep professional, you need to keep above other firms in the area. One sure way of accomplishing this, is by improving the SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) tactics you are implementing and adhering to some of the suggestions below.

Create & Optimize A Google My Business Profile

Creating a GMB profile is the first essential step in boosting your local SEO as it is critical in obtaining more web traffic. For Google to validate your GMB profile, you have to verify your listing, provide accurate particulars about your tax obligation prep firm, hours of business, accepted payment methods, as well as images of your office.

Producing content through Google posts is another crucial step in maximizing your Google My Business profile. Additionally, you should also motivate your customers/clients to review your business/services through Google and make certain that you respond to each review.

Submit Your Organization To Online Local Directory Sites

Simply creating a Google My Business profile does not ensure that you will beat out your local competitors, you have to get your business on numerous local directories accessible online, as well. Considering the multitude of listings available, this can be a tedious task but there are directory software’s available to simplify the process.

Offer Consistent Contact Info

When creating your organization’s directory profiles, make certain that all the directories include identical content including your company name, address, contact info, etc. If the details are inconsistent, this can easily have a negative influence on your company. This info is also referred to as your NAP info.

Request Real & Current Client Reviews

Some organizations have clients leave phony customer reviews to ensure they can rank higher than their competitors. While this may seem to work initially, when search engines catch on to this, the consequences will be damaging to your overall SEO. To prevent this from happening, ensure that your clients leave truthful evaluations of your business.

In addition to this, it is important to note that some sites remove reviews for a number of reasons. To avoid any negative effects this may have on your business, present your clients with multiple places they can leave a review to ensure that you are not stuck with a bad review of your company.

Work With Your Professional SEO Provider

The only way search engines will know that you are a tax expert from a particular location is if your company name and address it is clearly listed on your website, for example, by embedding a map on your site to show your exact location.

Work with a professional well versed in the most up-to-date search engine optimization tactics for best results.