Yelp Is Now Personalizing User Results

Yelp recently put out an announcement about their latest efforts to personalize user results based on certain preferences.

As folks become more conscious about how they eat and spend their time and how all of that aligns with their lifestyle choices, the options available to them have grown considerably. Yelp is looking to make things easier by personalizing user accounts so they will be presented with results unique to them and their lifestyle choices.

Factors such as dietary choices,lifestyle commitments and other things will now all play a part in the content you see in your Yelp app. After indicating some of your personal preferences, you’ll be able to experience a whole new personalized Yelp homescreen and search results.

“For the first time, when two people with different lifestyles open the Yelp app from the same time and place, their homescreen and the entire search experience will be organized and personalized for them. For example, a gluten-free pet owner who likes hiking and brunch will see a very different homescreen and search experience than a vegetarian parent who loves donuts, farmer’s markets and breweries.”

Yelp claims it takes less than two minutes to scroll through and indicate your preferences and then your results will be updated in real-time to reflect your likes and dislikes.

No need to scroll through endless results to find strictly vegan dining options if that is what you’re looking for.

You’re able to narrow down the choices presented to you by diet, frequented neighborhoods, expanded food and drink categories, lifestyle choices and even levels of accessibility.

All choices are held in confidence by Yelp and will not be shared with any 3rd parties as per their official announcement.